Leak Detection & Automatic Shut-off valves

Lifescience Products Ltd have teamed up with a leading UK based manufacturer to offer a range of leak detection and automatic shut-off valves.


Whether you’re looking for commercial leak detection systems designed specifically to meet the requirements of BREEAM WAT01 and WAT02, sensor activated shut-off valves to achieve BREEAM WAT04 or a domestic leak detection systems with integrated automatic shut-off valve to give homeowners and landlords peace of mind we’ve got the products for you!




Major Leak Detection Control Unit

Turbine Water Meter

BREEAM Water Leak Detectors: One or two zone major water leak detection systems designed to meet the requirements of WAT02 and WAT03 where either internal leak detection or both internal and external leak detection is required.


These systems feature a control panel and water meters with pulsed outputs to monitor flow and activate when flow exceeds a pre-set maximum over a pre-set time period. There is also an option for a latching valve to automatically shut-off the water supply should a leak be detected. click here to email an enquiry for BREEAM Water Leak Detectors (be sure to mention your requirements and flow rates)


BREEAM Sensor Activated Water Supply Shut-Off Valves: The PIR sensor activated shut-off valve is designed to comply with BREEAM WAT04 for automatic sanitary shut-off requirements. It utilises a PIR sensor to detect the presence of people in a room, which when activated will switch a solenoid valve to the open position allowing water usage.

Ceiling Mounted PIR Sensor

Solenoid Valve


After a pre-set period of time has elapsed the valve will return to the closed position. Where the sensor isn’t activated the water supply remains closed, preventing excessive consumption and restricting the potential harm caused by any leaks. The sensors can also be connected to the lighting system to switch the lights on and off automatically during room occupancy! Click here to email an enquiry for the sensor activated water supply shut-off valve.





Inline Leak Detection Handset

Inline Leak Detection and Automatic Shut-Off: The fully WRAS approved inline leak detection system and auto shut-off valve is designed to reduce the risk of costly flood damage by monitoring flow rates and identifying periods of excessive or unexpected flow at which point it will automatically shut-off the water supply. Fitted just after the stopcock, it measures the amount of water passing into the property and compares the flow rate and usage time against pre-programmable levels.  If either setting is exceeded the motorised valve will automatically close, shutting the water supply off. The device also features a holiday mode that will switch off the water supply after a defined period of no usage and a handy over-ride feature that allows for water to flow for longer than the pre-set limit. Click here to email an enquiry for our inline leak detection system and auto shut-off valve.


If you have a requirement for water leak detection and automatic shut-off equipment that doesn’t fall in to the product categories mentioned above, please call our helpline on 01608 811707 to discuss your enquiry. Alternatively Click here to email our technical department.


BRE Global and its affiliates do not endorse or certify any individual products and reserve all rights. Certification that a product meets BREEAM requirements is provided by a BREEAM assessor based on its use and application at any individual site.