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Water-King: How it Works:
A quick guide to Water-King taken from our e-learning module.



Continuing Professional Development

Physical Water Treatment is increasingly specified by Consultants but there is still considerable uncertainty about how well it works, how reliable and how effective it really is. At Lifescience we are specialists in this technology and have conducted a considerable amount of original research in the field. Some of this is published but much of it unpublished. Our face to face presentation gives us the opportunity to talk frankly about the best (and worst) of this technology and where it can be used effectively. It provides all the information a consultant needs to specify with confidence and contractors to install correctly. Click here to learn more


The course has been assessed by the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering as part of their Professional Development Programme. It has also been separately assessed by CIBSE and is included in their register of CPD providers.


Lifescience is the only CIBSE and CIPHE accredited provider of CPD in the field of physical water conditioning.


There are a number of published articles available on our website here which cover some of the ground and provide a flavour of the talk.


For further information and to arrange a date, please contact our office on 01608 811707 or email

What is the main chemical constituent of Hard Water?

Is it:-

A. Calcium
B. Calcium Carbonate
C. Calcium Bicarbonate
D. Calcium Chloride

Can you answer this question, the first slide of the CPD?
Most people get it wrong! To check the correct answer, call our technical hotline on 01608 811707.

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